10 Jackets for Spring 2016

We are in the month of March and it is high time to review the need vårkavajer the season. We have probed the range from several of the best web shop area and picked out our favorites for spring. There are wool, linen and cotton in a variety of colors, patterns and textures.

First, perhaps it might be appropriate to take a closer look at what categorizes a spring or summer jacket.

Overall open season for a brighter color palette of sand-colored jackets utöve the classic tones of blue, gray and brown.

Material-wise, many believe that wool is best suited to autumn, but the fact is that it is also an excellent fiber for this year’s hottest months. Choose However, a quality in a lighter design or a thinly woven structure that breathes better.

Besides the wool that is the most classic choice of material linen and cotton as well as a touch of silk. Linen is fantastic and the coolest choice but has a tendency to wrinkle sharply making it better in the job context. Cotton is contrary to what many believe, a fairly compact materials and really not very cool. However, there are few things that are more convenient than just a well-used cotton suit that exudes casual elegance better than any other summer clothes.

Last but not least is silk which is usually combined with either linen or wool. The silk gives luster and weight to a garment, but is itself relatively sensitive (not to mention expensive) which makes it feel better with another fiber.

We have selected 10 favorite jacket for spring in slightly different price ranges.