10 Look This Spring: Minidress with Boot or Bootie

Time ago that it is emerging as a combination star, but this is definitely the year of confirmation, and if the last summer the boot’s shank half or crinkled effect It was the perfect companion of dresses of all kinds, the season coming will reign although it will be eclipsed by her younger sister the the short boot or Bootie.

Many are the celebrities who have dispensed with inches of clothing)the dresses are now more minis than ever), and the height of your footwear, and although any measure is good, those who have endless legs and don’t be afraid to shorten them, that they are pointed to the trend in vogue.

The version that hits harder This spring? The shoe type buttoned and the effect peep toe. Keep reading because the thing for a doctoral thesis.

From Diesel to Alessandro Dell’Acqua passing by Topshop Unique, almost all designers yield to the incongruity of the boots when it gets hot, and although they present their proposals as a wildcard of summer most logical (and healthy) is pulling them in spring.

I personally am a big fan of this binomial and the designer that I like as you run it is Isabel Marant.


If last year was one Chloe that made us wish Kate Bosworth, this season’s most popular boots Topshop brings us his clone, and with it, combinations are endless (this is a mere example).

Inspiration far west us floods this spring/summer and Hermes is its highest representative.

And thanks to the return of the country air, the boot suede and campero Court is the protagonist: Sienna Miller knows it very well, and although in this case its combination is not the most successful, these mini boots color camel and studs are perfect. If they interest you, head on over to Zara remaining!

Martin Margiela was a pioneer in bring to market boots in tone makeup with your fingers in the air a year later consolidated as the shoe Star: Rachel Bilson made that we saw the risky proposal with good eyes.

Bad boy, among others, it reformulates the trend and yours makes it.

But Givenchy who is shaping up as the King of the mini-dress more ankle peep toe.


As I said, the combinations are endless, and in the end, everything is back, everything is reinterpreted, and anything goes, but if there is a new concept, that is buttoned shoe, above all, that of die cut skin and again, peep toe.

Yves Saint Laurent dominates the art of stamping Thanks to her famous booty type cage.

And Alexander Wang commanded in the field of the measure ankle support.

As Amaya Arzuaga.

His indisputable Muse is Erin Wasson: she has been the Prophet of the scandalous mini dresses and boots in Arabian versions.

Although similar to Sarah Jessica Parker, your favourites are those of laces.

A version this spring, will triumph, the Sports type DKNY style.

Whereby also bet the Spanish Duyos.