10 Tips for a Man with Style of Ralph Lauren (II)

And we continue with the tips that Ralph Lauren He wanted to give us this season (and that began the previous week with this post) that sharpen our perception of what is ultimately a preppy style.
With them will be able to adapt to the trends of today, with some recommendations from relationshipsplus to enhance the looks, get much more marked outfits and not fall into the temptation to use American preppie style (posh, and not yankee invention I I, who is referred to as the typical man only dressing of) Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren without dealing with aesthetic criteria or standards, simply guided by brands, logos and that these catalogs offer).

Eye-catching swimwear, being for that summer

A bathing suit has to be one singular garment also, that it enhances our style, with patterns, colors and shapes which can identify us. That is something that we carry most of the time under water does not mean that therefore we should neglect it.

This year recommend us that we bet for three prints that are giving much to talk about: the floral, without having to be Hawaiian, the Cowboys (because the denim also reach bath fashion) and of cut charge, more adventure with a touch of sophistication.

His advice is Choose the style and the t-shirt (or pole) that bring on top. If we opt for designs plain in bathing suits will have to put his expressive power to the shirt with either bold or prints colors and vice versa. The key is to not be charged as set.

The Chinese, our great allies

Not find us anything new with this. The linen and Chinese they are the most talked-about surnames of the summer it comes to preppy fashion. They are comfortable, are fresh, are put with everything and serve as background on which contrast the more aggressive tones or more psychedelic prints.

They recommend that we elect for pastel colors, introducing various modalities at its end: either low returned, or asymmetric and irregular cuts or scissor cuts and desilachados. All of them will give a more youthful and casual appearance that will contrast with the sobriety of the shirt or polo us.

Care with make them work pants. Hence the importance of opt for bright colors, cuts more youth and informal or at least combine them with components and accessories which distinguished them from a simple Office Chinese.

The importance of a good belt

I’ve always said that a belt in many cases can become in the key to success and more in summer. The reason is simple: often opted for sets in which a color excess (and this goes for white) arrives to become authentic butchers or ice cream makers more than well-dressed seems that we are going to the circus of the bleach. A belt break on time the monotony of the Assembly and he will separate both parts of the body of elegant and colorful way.

A trick for sure though: If you put pants striped (slimming vertical) and you choose to a pole or a white shirt and bwithdraw both with a good belt of leather or some striking game (and this is important) color with trouser stripes, that it does not have to be Ray diplomatic, gettin a visual effect of enhancement of the torso, tweaking the figure and getting a much more defined style. Do the test.

The pattern of Madras, a windfall for the summer

For those who don’t know, the Madras print It is precisely what we have in the photo. It’s a pattern whose origins go back to the India and more specifically to the city where the garment was first released. Is known as the pattern formed by pictures, overlapping, with intermediate stripes and mixed colors halfway between a patchwork and a tartan but with more intense colour varieties.

It’s a pattern with lots of personality as to washing, you lose color in favor of others earn it and change of tonality, getting clothes that far from losing character, earn it and emphasize more his style, so we are to a garment almost immortal and in addition you will see the light as a trend in a few months, so it could be said that you are ahead of one of the keys to the most chic looks.

It’s summer, but cool

We must not forget that despite being in summer, It’s an era in which nights come to deceive and we can die us cold for not choosing a good jersey full-time. The key is to choose fabrics, as the merino wool, cashmere or the mixture of cotton and silk, that morning you are fresh and breathable while at night they can make us the workaround and protect ourselves from the cold.

If we get printed plain, with different colors and to be possible cake, we can give them a touch more cool to the set when not let’s them jobs if we put it around our waist or above the shoulders, for as soon as cool, move to get him to not stay cold. A garment that one way or another, We will always complement.