10 Tricks To Walk Comfortably With Your Shoes

Love to buy shoes, but we hate to release them for the pain that tend us to do at the beginning. Until shoes pick up our foot shape, often get scratches, which causes that you give us laziness to get new shoes, although we love.Also is footwear that, although not a premiere, when we put them to us for the first time we account that were incomodisimos, so we have chosen not to use them more. This often happens more with heels, but there are also flat shoes that we resist.

Today we bring you 10 tips to help you to solve these problems, a few tricks to make your shoes more comfortable walking, doing more palatable to get those shoes that we love them even if they hurt.

1. put talcum powder in your shoes

We will apply in the area of the sole of the foot, we will be able to restrict the sweat from our feet. Moisture is the cause of pain orunpleasant odours, so often we can put an end to this.

2. use templates

We will get to our floor will not slip on shoe, what will make more comfortable to walk with them, the template also could be substituted with a panty liner. In addition, it will provide us with much more comfort and convenience.

  1. apply deodorantWe will use one colorless and lor we will put in the areas where makes us chafing.It will act as a layer of transparent gel, which shall have no direct contact with the skin.

    4. bring warmth to our shoes

    We need to get some socks with shoes. Then we will be, about two minutes, giving heat with a hair dryer into the shoes with them jobs. This will widen a little shoes, making them to your foot shape.

  2. patches in areas of gallAnother good idea is to putadhesive fabric in the places of the shoe where worn or annoy us. The patch will help us not rub both on foot.

    6. Paste the third and fourth toe

    We will have to get a bit of sticking plaster in the third and fourth fingers, juntandonoslos. Facilitates walking with high heels, because your fingers are more protected.
    Here is a video that explains you how to do it.