10 x Button Down Shirts

Today we look at the kind of shirt I probably carry most of all in the closet. These are the classic button-down shirt in the right design can complement everything from badskjorts and business suit. We have selected 10 favorites in slightly different price range that feels particularly interesting for spring.

Button Down Shirt is obviously not news for style conscious men. The collar is said to have occurred (like so much else) for practical reasons. It must have been Brooks Brothers which was first launched in 1896 as a collar options for horse polo player whose skjortsnibbar risked to flutter in the face when they rode. By attaching kragsnibbarna with two buttons solved this problem and shirts quickly became popular outside sports. For this reason sometimes called collar  Polo Collar internationally.

The model is also strongly associated with IVY and preppy style were incredibly popular in the US during the 1950s and 60s. Today, button-down collar a record high appreciation and we see more and more operators offering generous little larger collars that had previously been primarily associated with the Italian producers. The advantage of these is that good results can wear a button down shirt with a tie.

Color and material terms will be of course based on their own taste and personality but then button-down shirt is considered to be more informal than models with cutaway collar, we prefer it in the vacant qualities oxford, pinpoint and linen. Color wise, it may sound dull but the white and light blue works on almost all men and want to spice up with more color can be pink, apricot, mint green or lavender to be fine.


We have selected 10 options we think a little extra about the spring range.