10 x Polo

For summer is often in the famous choice between a free t-shirt and a more dressed up shirt. We are rarely compromises but when it comes to Polo, you often get a perfect combination of the two garments.

Thanks to the collar of the shirt to get a more feeling than wearing T-shirts can offer but the knitted pique fabric becomes simultaneously more informal than the classic shirts. Finding the perfect polo shirt is far from simple. Forget big logos and models with overly generous fit and inferior quality. Focus on a tighter fitting in a stripped-down version where quality and material speak for itself.

Color-wise, often associated with polo shirts garish and strong tones of red, purple, yellow and green. As with the rest of the male wardrobe, we advocate on Manolo that instead choosing muted tones of blue, white, gray or olive green that works for most skin tones and other garments in the closet.

Wearing Polo during blazer is a contentious issue in which some consider it fully legitimate while others advocate a classic shirt is always preferable over jacket. As we see it, there is absolutely stylish interpretations of polo shirt and jacket, but remember that in these cases, choose a long-sleeved model that ideally a little more generous collar. This means that the spike cuff stand out at the end kavajärmens which generally gives a more balanced impression.