10 x Workwear Jackets

So here during the warmer part of the year and when you might want to dress casually but still neat is that you can call workwear jacket is a good choice. This jacket is sometimes given the English nickname “shacket” because the pure appearance is a hybrid between a jacket and a shirt. Today, we have chosen 10 favorites in different colors and materials, all of which are well suited for the coming months weather.

The concept of workwear jacket is of course very wide. We aim today at the model that is thinner and unlined, and therefore the above resembles a coarse shirt with collar-like. One detail that many jackets of this kind are breast pockets which is convenient when this time of year have somewhere to put their sunglasses. The most common material for the kind of jacket is coarser cotton or something functional materials such as nylon.

A major advantage of the product is that it is very versatile. One can say that both dress up and down. It is free and clean to wear the jacket with a t-shirt and jeans and a pair of trainers. If you want to dress it up a bit so it looks good together with a shirt, chinos and a pair of tassels or suede shoes.