12 Glamorous Cocktail Dresses

New year, new and what better life which have items for every occasion and more even if it’s a formal or special event. So we need to have on hand items that we save a trouble and look so beautiful, and what better to cocktail dresses , as they are ideal for any occasion.

12 White Cocktail Dress

These styles of dresses are ideal for any party that day, in the garden or on the beach, use it without shoulders to give a fresher look.

11 Feathered Cocktail Dresses

Although feathers may seem a detail of fashion only for spring, always a dress strapless with an Eastern touch, give you glamour in any event, whether it is night or day.

10 Formal Cocktail Dress

This is a perfect dress for any occasion, even to go to work or to go to an elegant dinner, these dresses are characterized by tight to the body.

9. Loose Neck Cocktail Dress

This is a dream to wear casualdress, although with the right combination of accessories can give a touch of elegance, the neck of these dresses is ideal for stylized figures.

8. Colorful Cocktail Dresses

Cocktail dresses may be of bright colors, if you’re young you can wear bright colors, this type of dresses are perfect to wear them in any event, they will always make you look incredible.

7 Length Cocktail Dress With Sleeves

This is a more serious look but it continues to be elegant, this dress with sleeves is ideal to go to a prom night if you do not want to wear a coat.

6 Black Cocktail Dress

The figure must never be missing in your closet a black dress, it is ideal for styling and is a basic fashion.

5 Degraded Cocktail Dresses

Dare to use degraded dresses that combine colors, it is ideal to wear it night or day, you decide.

4. Fall Cocktail Dresses

One of the protagonists of these dresses are fabrics, why choose dresses with fabrics that provide gentle like organza, satin or chiffon falls.

3 Wide Skirt Cocktail Dress

This is a dress ideal for use in any celebration in Garden, since it is fresh and wide skirt gives a very youthful touch, do not forget to include a natural makeup and you’ll look spectacular.

2. Printed Cocktail Dresses

Something that never go out of style are prints, this season the best are prints of color cake and geometric figures.

1. One-Shoulder Cocktail Dress

This dress has a jovial and very cool touch, is ideal for any occasion, its shape makes that lengthen your figure and you look sensational.

Choose the best cocktail dress, which you better have left and will make you look, combine it with sneakers and a bag and look spectacular.

Do you these cocktail dresses appeared? What cocktail dresses are your Favorites?

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