2 x Webshop Tips

Quilted and luxuriously well-dressed. Our site offers two webshop tips that are worth keeping an eye on.

Couture Lab
For those in search of leather accessories from Bottega Veneta and Dunhill, from Borsalino hats and shirts from Charvet’s Couture Lab absolutely right. Besides the above mentioned online store designers offer a variety of luxurious accessories from less known manufacturers. All in a sober, stylish setting with very upscale feel.

For those tired of Barbour quilted jackets can countryman Lavenham be an option. The brand recently celebrated its 40th anniversary and was actually the first to manufacture garments in quilted nylon. At its inception in 1969, the focus was on the horse blankets, but in 1972 the brand produced his first quilted jacket. The fashion spread quickly, and when the Italians in the mid-90s began to dress in horse jackets Lavenham got a strong boost. Currently, the range consists of men of two jacks models and a purse. The jackets are available in both polyester and tweedtyg.