2016 Style Guide: Dressing Up for Graduation Day

Good morning divas!!!

Excited to start the week?

Well …. As I had mentioned here, this weekend was the graduation of my little brother and, even in my best dreams, I imagined a high school party as on the top of my list! Now this graduation ceremony has given me a chance!

So, taking requests, I photographed the look I went with for you! Because there are students around, I decided not to wear long dresses (in fact, there are people that believe that graduate have to wear long and formal suit, or wear a tux, firstly because it is more elegant and, secondly, to make it easier to identify them at the party) , I opted for a more delicate short Pat collection Bo to C & A so as not to be too much “ME”.

Before you start calling me everything less than beautiful, I have to warn you: I couldn’t bring the camera to the party, because I left very late from home I couldn’t photograph the look before, so I had to improvise there on my phone! 1000 apologies by the (bad) quality of photos, but focus on the dress!

Too bad I couldn’t photograph the details of the look, the shoes looked like a piece of jewelry, and the dress is very Rico embroidery and super, combined with a clutch of pearls.

Now gossip of the post: I found myself sooo amused, when I went to get a drink and the bartender refused to give me, requesting my identity! He thought I was a senior (I wish!) and had to put a bracelet on his arm to prove that I had passed the 18! The detail is that in my clutch just had a lipstick and my cell phone (Without any papers. Crazy, I know!). And only after much argument I so dream “bracelet”. Won the night there! LOL

Ahhh … As I didn’t have any pictures on my phone with my brother, “stole” it from my uncle in that they’re both graduates, more beautiful at night! My brother and my cousin Sarah was very diva and rocked the look!

And then girls …. what do you think?

I adore my dress and how it is not too revealing. I will wear it a lot! It’s a super wild card for any occasion.