Month: January 2016

If Chino Fashion

After last season the heyday chinosen has once again been overlooked by the jeans. Salty Cape Cod-romance has turned into rough look workwear style where style is measured in ounces and jeanstygets thickness. But the prevailing hysteria denim spite – which garments are chinosen inevitable. Read more →

Luxury in Switzerland

For women, there is a widespread culture to shop luxury lingerie. We men are expected to be more about large pack at your nearest fashion chain. But there are options for those who really sees the big picture and want to wear quality even where it is not visible – as Swiss Zimmerli. Read more →

The Journey of a Wardrobe

The fashion brands understood the importance of being seen on the web is hardly news. Last fall, Burberry launched the project “Art of the Trench” where they let Scott “The Sartorialist” Schuman take pictures of people dressed in Burberry trench coats worldwide. Since the line of it partnerships Louis Vuitton along with hyped photo blog The Selby created “The Journey… Read more →