Month: April 2016

Eight Maternity Party Dresses For Fall 2016

Fall also is a time of weddings, baptisms and various events. In these months makes a somewhat difficult time, is the best bet for pregnancy dresses in not very thick fabrics, with French or long sleeve. If you opt for a short – sleeved dress not forget to bring a jacket. If you want to use more often dress choose a model not party and play with accessories… Read more →

8 Maternity Dresses To Welcome The Autumn

Holidays and summer are left behind and have to go thinking about our autumn looks. The maternity dresses are perfect for this time of year. If still hot they can be worn without socks and if and refreshes them. Choose dressed in not very thick fabrics in long sleeve or French sleeve. Even short sleeve dresses or pinafore style can be ideal allies for fall. Discover with… Read more →

Bridal Shower 101: Great Tips for Bridesmaids to Throw a Great Celebration

Today I will show you the bridal shower of the bride of the year! Ariana is our long-time friend. … She was bridesmaid at my wedding and now she is going to marry my cousin (to keep it in the family!), I, Julia and two friends are going to be her bridesmaid, too! So. .. since we are really best friends we decided to prepare a super special bridal shower for… Read more →

Vertbaudet Maternity Collection for 2016

The new maternity collection signature Vertbaudet for autumn-winter 2015/2016 brings us a lot of looks for pregnant modern, current, comfortable, feminine and very flattering. They are basic items that can be combined in many ways and forms. Above all, the brand rewards comfort and design. Besides clothing Vertbaudet has very affordable. Meet with babies and their new collection! For the new season looming, the fashion brand… Read more →

The New Collection of Oysho Maternity Commitment To Organic Cotton

Several seasons Oysho bid to create a collection dedicated to expectant mothers and breastfeeding. For the season spring / summer 2016, Oysho Maternity make underwear and sleeping, very comfortable and convenient. The pastel and neutral tones are the stars of the collection. And for the first time the firm creates your designs with organic cotton. What do you think Maternity Oysho collection? Oysho commitment to organic cotton to create your Maternity… Read more →

How to Dress Like a Diva and Feel Comfortable at the Same Time

Good morning divas!!! Today’s post was prepared with great care in order to meet the request of a reader in particular, Bruna wrote to us as follows: “(…) I’m starting my college next Monday and, like work, I have to go straight from here to there. That is, with not even the minimum time to change clothes and etc.  I want tips for comfortable looks… Read more →

Women’s Clothing and Accessories

If the shop clears up, then comes the magic moment of the bargain hunters: trendy women’s clothing greatly reduced in the sale section of the online shops here. Take the opportunity to order high-quality women’s clothing online and take several pieces with little money. More than 600 items are on sale and give you a wide selection to discover the… Read more →

How to Wear Mini Skirts

In the 60s, even a scandal, now a classic: the miniskirt. The following questions and answers about the garment.   Who can wear a miniskirt? The miniskirt is to look at the legs free completely. This means that even small fat pads, tight calves or slightly shorter legs are undisguised. Beautiful and – more importantly – groomed legs are the… Read more →