Month: May 2016

How to Wear a White Button Shirt

Often touted as a staple favorite yet boring outfit in any women’s wardrobe, white button down shirt hanging all in the closet. The usual white versions are available in many styles, lengths and materials and can be styled in countless different ways possible. Whether you are going out for a party, planning a lazy summer day, or finances, button down… Read more →

V Neck Summer Dresses

Another trend that deserves special attention is the deep v-neck, and you don’t have to be very observant to notice that you’re only giving it on red carpets of life. In fact, it caught the attention mainly on fashion week summer 2016, with the parade of Yves Saint Laurent. Above, the parade of Yves Saint Laurent in the BRA-tions reigned the world! The people who think… Read more →

How to Wear Blue Pants

The colored pants are a trend that is gradually gaining ground in the market and in the women’s wardrobe. The blue in all its shades has stood out among the other colors, but to use this color properly we must look at a few details: The shade of blue that will be used; The type of pants (fabric); And especially the quality of the pants fabric. Blue… Read more →

Tankinis in XXL

  Many women wear like airy beachwear, which go up easily and loosely on the body and ensures a pleasant feeling of freedom in the summer. Today also the so-called Tankinis, which are now available in many different sizes and shapes in addition to bathing suits and bikinis are particularly popular. Because not every woman can wear clothes in size… Read more →

Recco Lingerie Takes You to Venice

Delicate, sophisticated, sensual, and behaved. Black, white, chocolate or red as fire. Regardless of the model and color, lingerie exerts real fascination among many women – and, of course, the men too! For some people, lingerie is a passion, and we must confess: we love this intimate fashion universe! That’s why painting a novelty in the world of “underwear” Let’s run check, after all,… Read more →

How to Wear Skirts Everyday

When we think of skirt, maybe we can find that it would not be good to use because it’s a retro item. But the retro is back in fashion, and now we have no more excuses for not wanting to use! The skirts were famous in the 50s, when they were very bulky and marked the waist. Oh, the skirt … I let… Read more →