Month: June 2016

What to Wear Green Skirts

Bright style today is very popular. Because green can be defined as universal as white. If your wardrobe is green skirt owner can be seen not only stylish, but also diverse. However, what is wearing a green skirt? Of course, many options. Yet skirt model depends very much. What to Wear Long Green Skirt? To understand what is best worn… Read more →

How to Wear a Maxi Skirt in Summer

Complete women can look elegant and designers take care of it. They offer women Polly safari in nautical style and bohemian spirit. Length skirts floor made ​​of flowing fabrics will look tempting in lush hips. Skirt with colorful Mexican motif represents the image of Spanish artist and the hallmark of hippie style skirts in colorful fabrics. Designers offer women maxi skirt… Read more →

What to Wear with Short Skirts

Mini skirts are not in vogue for several decades. This item of clothing successfully emphasizes long thin legs, attracts men and makes girls more diverse style. Short skirt – the most powerful weapon of every fashion, of course, if properly chosen wardrobe. Any girl who follows latest fashion trends, you have to wonder what to wear skirt in the new… Read more →

Different Types of Pajamas

Often simply bought to replace the old, and in most cases chosen by taking into account only the fabric and color,pajamas become for most of us a real existential problem when it is time to sleep with someone. It may be the first trip with the school, the first romantic weekend for two or the first night with our new partner to… Read more →

Different Patterns of Long Skirts

As we know, the processes in fashion is cyclical and when the time comes some old trends become current fashion trends. See which are the latest modern patterns for skirts this year. Pleated skirts – pleats, known from schooldays again ultra-modern. Again skirts to the knee with vertical folds won not only the hearts of designers, but also women’s hearts.… Read more →

Wedding Dresses Gucci

Discover the collection fall-winter 2011-12 of Gucci, to dress up the perfect outfit for a guest at a wedding. Bright colors and a chic and sophisticated look accompanying the complete line, composed of seductive and refined soul. You are invited to a winter wedding? Here are exclusive styles from Softwareleverage for you a perfect collection to show off a sleek, chic and full… Read more →

Swimwear Yves Saint Laurent Reviews

Yves Saint Laurent is a very particular choice with its new collection of swimwear dedicated to summer 2012 and as you can see from the images, values ​​and forms clearly inspired models retro. Certainly this year saw the comeback of stimuli and sources of inspiration ’50s,’ 60s and especially 70s, but see them adapted to swimwear lines is really a completely different effect! From great innovator as… Read more →

Glazes Pupa Denim Jeans

As always it opens the spring summer season full of new fashions and trends and this year the trend is undoubtedly the jeans. Known brands of jewelry, fashion and make up, to create new collections, were inspired to their own casual fabric par excellence, loved and worn all over the world. Obviously Pupa Milan, which has always been at the forefront in terms of trends,… Read more →

What Size Riding Pants do I Wear

Well-balanced riding pants are the key to a nice outing on horseback.You can sit and ride better, if you are wearing the correct size breeches.You can choose from many options and styles when it comes to riding breeches, depending on what type of riding as usual. Besides the comfort, if you take part in the competition riding clothes should fit… Read more →

Right Bridal Lingerie for Wedding Night

Bridal underwear 2015, the right lingerie for your wedding night. Sexy clothing made in lace, romantic silk modulations, here are the best proposals bridal 2015 Once the intimate for a wedding night was chosen with great care, and was an obvious choice for him and her, but today, women are much more open and liberated, as well as the relationships between couples, so… Read more →

Short Dresses for Civil Wedding

At the civil wedding takes place between the bride and groom a union before the law, which involves rights and duties and whose implementation is the responsibility of a judge or a mayor. A civil wedding is an event rather legal and serious, so I recommend that you not use garments very screeching colors or textures very daring. At the… Read more →

Swimwear Oysho Collection

Oysho, brand fashion low cost Spanish famous for its delicious collections of underwear women, proposes a line of swimwear for summer 2012 romantic style and cheeky. Oysho has bet, this time, even if the colors in the collection are more classical proposals and unexpectedly sensual aspects. Undoubtedly, if you are looking for a swimsuit that follow the trends of spring summer 2012 proposals of the Inditex group brands are meant… Read more →

How to Wear Dhoti Pants

The girls want to have all the fun. And they know how to get their way out too, whether at home, at work, or gossip. Take a look at fashion, where women have grabbed the news by accepting the dhoti for pants as a costume. It is no longer a men’s area, but the future of fashion with a twist,… Read more →

Swimwear Amarea

We propose the collection of swimwear Amarea dedicated to the season summer 2016, a line like many this year, aims to impress, starting from fashion colors of the moment and adding ethnic patterns, bright colors and striking forms to the mix. The collection of swimwear Amarea presents popular bikini triangular shapes or band, beautiful swimsuits that this year more than ever are back in fashion,… Read more →

How to Choose a Leather Jacket Style

One of the most stylish female wardrobe details can easily be considered a leather jacket. Clothes made of leather, always attracts to himself the attention of others, and modern technologies allow to wear leather garment highest degree scarves and softness. Design and girlfriend change depending on the trends of fashion, but in general we are used to know that the… Read more →

What Kind of Jacket You Just Pick?

Drizzly weather was already knocking on the door, and with it change our wardrobe from summer to autumn. Instead of short skirts and sexy dresses to begin to dress in comfortable pants, plush sweaters and jackets autumn, which we hide from unwelcome rain and cold wind. What is the jacket but for us the right? How to choose the right jacket First,… Read more →

Tips for Choosing Your Dress Accessories

Something very special and important for complementing the daily look are undoubtedly different attachments which accompanied the costume you’re put, if they are important to the look of every day, will be much more special and essential to the look of a celebration and an event special, or better still for one day more expected by all women in love… Read more →