What to Wear with Short Skirts

Mini skirts are not in vogue for several decades. This item of clothing successfully emphasizes long thin legs, attracts men and makes girls more diverse style. Short skirt – the most powerful weapon of every fashion, of course, if properly chosen wardrobe. Any girl who follows latest fashion trends, you have to wonder what to wear skirt in the new season?

What to Wear a Short Skirt?

What to wear a short skirt – the answer to this question depends on the model of the skirt. Mini-skirt with a high waist looks very stylish with wearing a blouse or a short top with long sleeves in the style of Leighton Meester. As shoes are a good choice boots or ankle boots for short shirts at http://www.songaah.com/lyrics/short-skirts.html.

For models with an average waist shirt or jacket free, remained wide belt. In this style the designers suggest using contrasting fabrics – shiny matte top and bottom. In quite a night version perfectly suited high boots. However, do not choose boots, they add vulgarity.
If you have concerns, what to wear skirt to not look defiantly, then an excellent option in this situation will leggings. It’s also a great way to decorate the exterior. Lace with floral prints or classic women – each option to be successful. The main thing – to harmonize with leggings skirt style.
The choice of clothes, portable, short skirt for cold weather, should take into account the length of the top of the closet. If a coat, jacket or coat length corresponds to the length of the skirt, it looks ugly and taste. The best option – knee-length.
The basic rule in any combination of clothes – the harmony of color and texture of the fabric. Therefore the choice of clothing in the summer chiffon mini skirt, can not choose a winter golf, and during warm knitted skirt does not fit an old shirt or top.