Month: August 2016

Carla Ruiz Wedding Dresses

The collection of formal dresses 2015 signed Carla Ruiz is characterized by a sophisticated style and very feminine. The fashion brand wanted in its new proposal a wide range of models in different shapes, perfect to enhance any kind of silhouette: long dresses and pleated, sheath dresses adherents, skater dress with a full skirt, these are just some of the innovations of the new catalog Carla Ruiz. Read more →

Jenny Packham Wedding Dresses

The 2016 collection of formal dresses Jenny Packham is inspired by different styles, a line to find more classic creations and sophisticated allure beside colorful novelty in modern forms and character. The high fashion house offers in its line of wedding dresses creations evidently inspired by those red carpet, available in more traditional dark tones but also in bright pastel shades. Read more →

St. Patrick Wedding Dresses

The 2016 collection of wedding dresses St. Patrick conquest with a rich selection of fashion and trendy shapes, available in a color palette dominated by the period of peak colors. The brand specializes in the field of bridal fashion has thought very stylish creations for the ‘invited and bridesmaids, long dresses, short and asymmetric to enhance any kind of silhouette. Read more →

Rosa Clara Wedding Dresses

For the 2016 Rosa Clara offers a beautiful collection of vestments, with a wide choice of models to suit all seasons. From classic sheath dresses for the invited to the sophisticated and elegant long dress evening, the fashion house has a perfect solution for every occasion. What are the patterns and trendy colors of next season? Let’s find out together! We selected a few designer dresses Rosa Clara, to provide… Read more →

Sheath Wedding Dresses Body Type

The ceremonial sheath dresses are a classic to which no modern woman can resist, models made ​​on purpose to enhance especially the most linear silhouette highlighting the curves gracefully. All specialized brand in the clothing they wanted clothes like this in their new collections, models in dark tones and pastels to choose from depending on the season and your tastes. Read more →

Slip Wedding Dress Style

The vestments slipped are much loved by designers and the modern women, feminine and sophisticated creations perfect for enhancing especially the most linear silhouette. The largest specialized fashion houses in the industry offer us every year a winter or summer models embellished with chic details, dresses with pleats, slits or necklines to suit all tastes. Read more →

Elisabetta Franchi Wedding Dresses

The collection of wedding gowns from Elisabetta Franchi for 2016 is filled with sophisticated creations, from the style patterns determined in a wide range of colors to suit all tastes. The famous Italian fashion house specializing in luxury clothing range wanted for the new year items from classic forms and innovative menus inspired by the Orient themes that leave you speechless. Let’s look in detail at the proposal… Read more →

Carlo Pignatelli Wedding Dresses

For the 2016 Carlo Pignatelli has created a collection of wedding ceremony all new, colorful and fresh, designed for any type of occasion.From the evening and sophisticated look to a more ladylike style and cheeky, the new line of models will adapt to your various needs. Following what are the new trends, the Piedmontese designer has created simple cuts, however, compounds with fine materials and rich… Read more →

Inspiration – a Free Fall

After reading some of the comments field for some time, we have to us that some sought example and inspiration to dress casually but nicely. Today I share with you three examples of how I will dress me in autumn on the theme of free but stylish, and that works both when you’re free and workplaces that do not have… Read more →

Patrizia Pepe Wedding Dress

The collection of stylish clothes Patrizia Pepe 2016 offers an extensive all ‘choice invited seeking a chic solution for the wedding look. Designed for the spring season, the clothes line consists of different models, from simple minidress bon ton, to more sophisticated long dress, perfect for an evening wedding. Simplicity and quality are the two words that best describe the collection, made ​​of minimal lines and selected materials.Suitable for different… Read more →

By the Spring of 2016 Brunello Cucinelli

The fashion designers who influenced men’s fashion tailoring most of the past decade is probably Brunello Cucinelli. He mixed the concepts of sportswear and tailoring, and is more or less solely responsible for the trend of cargo pants to the jacket which is then copied by virtually every player in the market. For spring, the company continues along this line,… Read more →

Blumarine Wedding Dresses

The 2016 collection of formal dresses Blumarine is one of the most colorful and trendy of the year, a proposal dominated by cheeky shapes made ​​of precious materials and in the most beautiful nuances of the period. The Italian fashion house specializing in luxury clothing field has wanted for its proposed new long dresses, short and midi versions etiquette floral prints and bolder innovations not… Read more →

Fantasy Wedding Dresses Pinterest

The 2016 is a year of innovation for those looking for a wedding dress, it is the season of the imagination. Of fancy colors, the patterns, textures, for an original style and elegant. The big brands dedicated to the market bridal propose a number of really interesting alternative, suitable for all occasions, from the most formal to the most simple. Flowers, pastel colors and dark tones intersect in the… Read more →