Month: October 2016

Backpack Sewing Guide

Backpack sewing: The pattern The specified dimensions result in a back length of 61 cm to a maximum volume of about 42 liters. However, due to the roll-top closure on top of the volume can be reduced somewhat. The page also union Kompresssionsriemen allow a more compact pack the backpack. Do you have a shorter back length, the volume is reduced accordingly. Tips for correct Measure… Read more →

Leighton Meester Balmain Dress

The other first woman of Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester, could not miss the celebrations for the first 100 episodes of the series that launched it and made ​​it a now undisputed benchmark for the teenager – and I suspect also for whom the reigning! – Precisely because of its more chic and sophisticated style choices. Of course, Meester unlike Lively, has less freedom of… Read more →

Kate Winslet Stella McCartney Dress

Liv Tyler and Kate Winslet are two beautiful actresses and loved by the public all over the world, I love the casual style, elegant and refined Kate, is never exaggerated and brings with her ​​curves pride, his first wrinkles and hold it steadfast to his moral principles. Liv Tyler and Kate Winslet are united by their unbridled passion for fashion of Stella McCartney, often wear… Read more →

Autumn 2016 by Cesare Attolini

Today it is time to begin our coverage of this autumn’s fashion at the Manolo. Although the weather is still warm and sunny now beginning in earnest autumn news pop up in stores around the country. First up is one of our absolute favorites. We’re talking about the Neapolitan Cesare Attolini that presents perhaps his best collection in years. Read more →

Jessica Alba Gold Versace Dress

Her dress will not find in most stores, since the capsule collection is moved quickly, but we of Pour Femme Fashion we want to show it because when a star as low cost we always delighted. Even if the dress in question is significantly less economical. I’m talking about the mini-dress sported by actress Jessica Alba on the occasion of the presentation of the fashion show in New York “Versace… Read more →

Bavarian Dirndl Dress Costume

It is not black but pink, purple, light blue, light green. It is not monochrome but colorful pattern ved. It is not classically elegant but traditional and very slim fit. It is probably less worn at the theater and more at folk festivals. Nevertheless, the Dirndl makes the little black dresscompetition: It can look charming every woman is timeless and sprayed some tradition in our… Read more →

How to Style A Tulle Skirt

The tulle skirt is one of the must-haves this year. The sweet skirts may look alluring or fabulously beautiful. They have the advantage that they simply superimpose large, wide hips. With the right combination chubby ladies can ensure emphasize her cleavage or her legs. Hinzukriegen A great styling with a tulle skirt XXL, is not difficult. The important thing is that you have a… Read more →

Ethnic Dress Around The World

Simply drag and done! That’s the best thing about clothes-and in summer even without tights! Tighten fast will not do. And who wants to be with his swimsuit in trend, the ethnic look of these days should not lose sight of. Therefore I have for you from the new collection manguun ethnic dress selected and tested: Read more →

10 X Cashmere Sweaters

That autumn will soon be upon us again may be a depressed insight but a positive aspect of this seasonal change is that the wardrobe softest shirts come again for use. Cashmere sweater is really a cornerstone of the male wardrobe, a garment that is as useful to the suit directly against the skin on a cold winter morning. Read more →

How to Sew Lined Dress

Grandma’s help, we asked about this in the lining dress stitching, and believe it or not, I have never forgotten a promise wonderful sewing instructions. I’m just kyylännyt my eyes ache nearest Marimekko shops selling movement that it When will chick might that arrive there. A great dream when you would do precisely Muijasta it kind of lined the SAC… Read more →

Amanda Seyfried Valentino Dress

The beautiful actress Amanda Seyfried was photographed with Valentino Fleurs Couture tote, this bag has been one of the successes of the Italian designer label, a glamorous and glitzy model that was proposed in the spring summer collection 2010 and that, loved it to Amanda, who for several months if the door always around. The Valentino Fleurs Couture Tote is a purely summer… Read more →