How to Buy The Perfect Cardigan

Five essential criteria for choosing your cardigan

The context

If the dress code of your business is strictly formal (banking, finance or audit), then the cardigan will probably neglected and appear to be only a vest ersatz.

This is a case where you have a little feel to wear a uniform at work.
And when one wears a uniform 5 days out of 7, we ask only one thing the rest of the time: to express his personality and differentiate themselves in their free time.
It is very likely that you want and do not settle for the navy plain cardigan merino wool that everyone wears and you want go directly to coarse mesh or the grounds.
If you are in a more casual environment (marketing, comm) then you can afford the
cardigan, it is only over a shirt or worn under a well-cut jacket.
Avoid anyway too kind camo original patterns or color-block.

Your body: choose a room that you highlights

A gross simplification but that is often true: the textures and a little complicated patterns are more suited to larger sizes and simple cardigans united to small sizes.
Why? For the purposes cardigans united and more simple give an impression of verticality, lengthening the torso. While textures and impressive grounds occupy more space on the big guys.
Ask yourself what effect your cardigan should have on your physical
Two examples: cardigan Melinda Gloss gray border draws a fine vertical line on the torso lengthens my silhouette.

This cardigan Mr. Lacenaire the Fair Isle patterns adds horizontality shoulders: this may in this case be a good thing because it easily adds of the middle.
You can find it on Yoox .

A well-cut cardigan, what is it?

Remember, we said at the beginning of the article that the interest of a cardigan was to emphasize your waist giving it a shape V.Pour this, the reasoning is the same as for a suit jacket . you must ensure that the opening down low enough
this right height is to close the button that stops 10 cm above the navel. just like a suit jacket
if you are wearing a shawl collar cardigan this is also a question of imposing because these collars are made to be impressive, not to be short.

Are there really A good material for a cardigan?

Too often a Manichean vision of Contents: 100% wool, or nothing. This is only true party: both when we have the budget, and also when it is absolutely certain. Ie that is certain to wear and often for years what we will buy. In this case: aim for at least 80% wool and avoid as much as possible the polyester and acrylic. The fact nylon an exception within reasonable percentages (about 20%) as it helps to strengthen the wool fiber.

By cons, you can not buy like it was always the case. To find your style, you will inevitably make mistakes: as do 70% of the acrylic to 50 euros a 100% cashmere 400.
I spoke recently of this cardigan Aztec motifs and wooden buttons:

And I had a great outcry because of its composition, synthetic. But we must ask you: would you ever dare to buy this cardigan if it had been more than 300 euros with a nice Scottish wool or cashmere?Maybe not, because his style is unique and 300 euros is a large sum.
By cons, in today buying that model, you can easily check if it fits well with your wardrobe and your style, without risking much. Then you go with confidence to more expensive models.
Basically, you have taken a measured risk intelligently.

You have to know the right clothes identify synthetic allowing you to take those risks measured.

(Cardigan if you are interested, this is a Life After Denim)

Find an original cardigan: play on colors and patterns

For fine and plain cardigan, you can scan a wide spectrum of colors. Feel free to choose the electric blue or yellow that will calm a more basic and simple rooms.
A thick wool cardigan, shawl collar or collar, has against a certain cachet and a story behind it: avoid taking too gaudy colors that would be at odds with the nature of this garment. (unless you go the traditional Fair Isle pattern).
Stay preferably navy blue, brown and beige. These are the more conventional tones for this room.
You will inject color through such a plaid shirt.
Avoid taking too extravagant (the type that black and white gradient) would be the little versatile final.
It will take to arbitrate in context for the reasons:
-Traditional: If you are in a more traditional setting, or you spent the 35, the most appropriate reasons will be the Fair Isle and other Nordic motifs. These are all the same color, current and have a nice variety of different reasons, which generally refer to the winter: snowflakes, deer, elk, pine etc. Wear with rather plain shirts, either with discrete motifs like little gingham. They are perfect on the coarse mesh cardigans because they also belong to the register of authenticity. In more exotic, you also have the Aztec: Traditional designs can also be found on the finest cardigans:

-jeunes and hypes: Then you can opt for more contemporary designs like camo and color-block. Keep in mind that this is still rather ephemeral trends that you will wear more than a few seasons.
I love what the brand Paris Commune who has found a good balance on these trends: this summer color-block cardigan with wooden buttons to balance the hype and tradition and winter cardigan camo with sober colors.

You can find the cardigan camo on the Exception.