Month: November 2016

Plus Size Bodysuit Shapewear

If there is a trick that many women share onto the red carpet, it’s shapewear! Today it takes a closer look at the body which smooths all the silhouette through one piece. While the body scupltant size is not a magic wand. You will not look slimmer or lose three sizes by threading it through against your figure will be sublimated and… Read more →

History of Ankle Chains

Myth? Fantasy? or even simple vanity, that’s what we will try to find out. The string of ankle in silver, gold or fancy, the foot fetish romantic and romance of great aesthetic value, is a very important aspect in the clothing of women in Indian culture, up to represent an essential aspectre presentation of the entire body of the woman in the life… Read more →

Pebble Smartwatch Best Features

A Reliable Companion With High Maturity! The Pebble smartwatch costs on average, depending on the provider, about 150 euros. But what can the SmartWatch? Display and Processor The heart of the Pebble Smart Watch is an ARM Cortex MX 120 Mhz processor. The monochrome display is 1.26 inches tall, with a resolution of 168 x 144 pixels and uses much less energy. This… Read more →

Find Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Summer is almost here and it’s time to pick up the season’s most important accessoar-sunglasses! Trends come and trends go, which can make it difficult to always keep up. One year is the pilot glasses that are on the agenda next year, it is the classic wayfarer model that is popular again. Something that made up what kind of face shape you have. Below… Read more →

What is a Smart Bra

A smart bra able to measure your level of stress and help you relax with a big cake, anyone? “”I have an idea!” a researcher at Microsoft, said a Monday morning. “Since women have life a little too easy at this time and nobody ever told them that they eat too much or that they are too big, I’ll invent a bra… Read more →

How to Make Skinny Jeans for Guys

Skinny jeans are tight fitted jeans that narrow and taper significantly by calves and ankles. This style of jeans are popular among women and European and Asian men, but only recently have been popular among men in the United States. According to the Wall Street Journal, skinny jeans for men a growing sub retail in the United States. Yes, with stars such as… Read more →

Beach Bags DIY

With the arrival of August, here’s finally time to leave so much expected to pass to the sea with the family or friends. In any seaside town you go, you can not of course forget the bag, the must-have accessory of every woman, there It will serve to bring towel, sunscreen, books, magazines and everything you need to spend a… Read more →

Sisley Sunglasses 2013

Sunglasses Sisley glasses recall the flavor of the sixties and seventies in a small collection for summer 2013 worn by Milla Jovovich. Not just clothes for the Italian fashion house Sisley brand belonging to the group Benetton, which for this spring summer 2013 collection also presents an exclusive line of sunglasses and eyeglasses with two exceptional testimonials: the fashion icon, model… Read more →

Best Support Bra for Sports

Every woman who sports or running, can not do without a good sports bra. A good sportbh provides adequate cushioning and support, and may occur in the short and long term pain symptoms. What is a good sports bra? What requirements must a good sports bra sports woman meet? Should women with small breasts also carries a sports bra? What sizes are available, good support… Read more →

How to Wear Men’s Shirt

While The Fashion Week men just to finish, one wonders how, in everyday life, have style by wearing a shirt. That’s a question that a good number of men had to arise at least once in his life! Elegance, it sounds simple, but don’t get me wrong. Everything is a question of adjustment, season, morphology…Worn casual or stricter way, there is a notion of expertise… Read more →

Material Used for Leggings

Easy to live, the leggings is a model of simplicity dress. This tight shorts has established itself in our wardrobes. Versatile, we love the summer, with a loose tank top, a blindfold and a pair of tennis and winter, we love his opaque side, that one associates with a printed tunic and boots. Hotter than a sticky, the leggings are collectible in… Read more →

How to Choose a Sports Bra

Running with your shoes, ski in jeans or do a yoga session with your best skirt suits would not come to the idea. Each sport requires for your comfort, your performance and to prevent the risk of injury adapted equipment. Yet there are many sports to use their bras everyday to make their sports sessions even though almost 60% of women experience pain because… Read more →

Yamamay Summer Collection 2015

Yamamay presents the new summer collection 2015. Let’s see what inspired and which models are available for this season. Tropical Collection 2015 It’s called Tropical Collection and is the new collection Yamamay thought for the ‘Summer 2015. Why Tropical ? Because it is essentially a colorful collection, fresh and sensual, inspired, in addition to floral themes, even to the typical seasonal fruits, especially exotic ones such as… Read more →

How to Wear Men’s Leather Jacket

Temperatures tend to drop and it’s time to get out your leather jacket, a must-have for winter and mid-season. Now discovering the secret fashion man leather jacket, this piece goes everywhere who will accompany you throughout the season. Going to any outfit, the man’s leather jacket is a timeless constantly brought up to date. Read more →