Month: December 2016

New Mode 27/08/09

It has stormed healthy surrounding Aquascutums ownership. The autumn collections, however, shows no signs that it would have damaged the brand’s design. The collection LTD stands for a modern stylish design language with clear silhouettes, while Aquascutum London (in the pictures) cling to the brand’s classic motto, understated British Elegance. Read more →

A Kind of Socks

The ever abandoned cotton socks in favor of ullditon will be hard to go back. It is easy to believe that socks are sweaty and too warm to wear indoors. In fact, the opposite is true. The wool’s breathability makes socks suitable for both summer use during winter’s worst cold. Read more →

Country Boots

Sometimes it would have been much easier to not be so vain. To completely unconcerned able to throw on durable functional footwear tractor sole. Instead, the purchase of winter boots an ongoing project. What model, what color and what brand? The question is whether it is even possible to combine practicality with graceful shape? Read more →

Toda € ™ s Winter Gommino

When FIAT boss Gianni Agnelli broke the foot of the Italian Alps saw Tod’s boss Diego Della Valle a sparkling opportunity. Agnelli influence over Italian men’s clothing habits could not be underestimated, prompting Della Valle to send over a couple of brand new winter boots, Winter Gommino, in the hope that they would relieve aches Agnelli while strengthening the Tod’s… Read more →

Ask Manolo: Festive Attire?

Question: Hello Olof! I’ll despite my young age, a lot of inspiration from the Florentines at The Sartorialist. Very builds on shirt, jacket, cotton trousers and brogues. In everyday life you start to feel like the king of the school. Problems arise, however, when it starts to get dark outside. How do I keep the style of the birthday dinner… Read more →

Mice Mode

It is a little crass notes that Swedish men’s fashion in recent seasons acted really about creating the right look. To adjust the cap so that it is just the right angle. A bit like the rolled chinosen the head. The feeling should be, even though the carrier spent half an hour in front of the mirror to be that… Read more →

Inner Vest

Speaking about managing the cold. A good outfit during winter is based in large part in protecting the parts of the body that are particularly feeling the cold as the head, feet and hands, but also the chest. Something inside the sleeveless vest helps with just fine. Read more →