Month: January 2017

New Mode 06/18/09

Oscar Jacobson’s upcoming fall and winter collection goes under the name Black Collection. Standing elements are gray flannel, corduroy and squares. The consistently dark collection lifted accent colors like purple, red and blue. The British gentleman lifted and rural life fashion forward as a strong source of inspiration. Read more →

Style Tips Daniel Westling

Reflection: TV4’s morning sofa discussed today how Daniel Westling should dress like aspiring prince. A style expert gave three examples outfits which included socks boat shoes, neon blue sports glasses, flashy belts, finished tied flies and fashionably cut jackets. Daniel, I hope you did not listen. Read more →

Question Manolo x 2

Hey! I have become very fond of cut summery chinos. Please look at the two pictures from The Sartorialist I tossed in the e-mail here (see below). My question to you is if you know somewhere in the Gothenburg area where you can get hold of something like this. I am 1.90 and has well a slightly elongated silhouette. Sincerely,… Read more →