Month: March 2017

Dressed for the New Year: Smoking

Picture Guide: The occasions to wear tuxedos are too few. Although it is perhaps the most well-dressed and most sophisticated option closet holds it goes very fast to count the occasions in life when the tuxedo is mentioned. New Year’s Eve is one where our site in today’s article will guide you to the perfect tuxedo dress. Read more →

Choosing Overcoat

It is high time to bring out the winter coat. For those of you who are looking to buy a new one is certainly a lot of questions. Which model is most useful, which fabric is best for our climate and how the details look like? Our site tips on how overcoat becomes a well invested as the purchase as… Read more →

Dimensions Sewn with Mabro In

Personal choice of fabric and model with a perfect fit. The arguments for allowing måttsy a suit is not very difficult to understand. But how big is the difference between different manufacturers and what is important to consider in order to make it right. Our site with Italian costume specialist Mabro to a two-part article series to find out how… Read more →

Suit Fabrics with Lalle

Reports: weaving has initiated a revolution. New weaving techniques and high-tech materials creates super lightweight fabrics not crease or sweat. Our site hits ever-stylish Lalle Johnson to discuss the difference between super 160 cashmere fabrics versus blends and hysteria around to find the perfect travel jacket. Read more →

Overcoming the Beard

Keeping his beard in trim with a razor or razor’s a constant dispute. Our site asks Monika Ustarbowska, product manager at Philips, in collaboration with Nivea for Men launched a new razor with built-in lotion cream, designed for use in the shower. Planing or shaver? What is really the best? – We are self-evident a little biased on the issue,… Read more →

Jeans and Blazer

Guide: jeans and jacket, the Swedish man’s standard uniform. A combination today as common at the office at the nightclub. Unfortunately, examples of successful combinations very easily counted. Our site offers tips and inspiration on how to best succeed. Read more →


Integrating modern technology in the fashion resulting often in clothing that seems taken directly from an episode of Star Trek. There are exceptions to succeed in the art of combining style with the same time be in the forefront of technology. Here five examples. Read more →


Reports: Boglioli have defined the past few years, natural elegance. By removing all excess feed, embrace a body near the skyline and wash their fabrics get the Italian family business costumes to look impeccably simple. Read more →