Month: May 2017

How To Combine Your Leggings?

Leggings Throughout The Year. Perfect Combinations! Today, in any Cabinet of every girl can find a type of garment since a few years ago they put fashion have become indispensable: the leggings.And it is that they are a versatile, useful garment and that combine very well with different types of clothing, making them our closet wildcard, whether for formal or informal looks. Read more →

Flower Power: More Flattering Floral Prints For Large Sizes

The flower prints are a classic of the spring months, but in the spring – summer 2015 season they are a trend. The flower power has already swept in clothing for gorditas of 2014, and this 2015 promises to continue in the top of the styles essential. Small flowers in fresh clothes, large flowers, colorful combination of colors in tropical flower prints, double effect textiles…What… Read more →

Boyfriend Blazer: The Garment It

Of the shoulder straps is not over curdling beyond the addicted to the military from Balmain jacket or weevils shoulders of Gareth Pugh, but of the boyfriend blazer, It is a trend of runway that has curdled in the street like the most. Was this autumn and this spring-summer continues: just approach any store lowcost and check that the loose… Read more →

The Five Commandments To Wear Leggings

The leggings, that as comfortable garment that invades both streets and walkways and that most of us use normally. But the question is do we know to use them correctly? The leggings are a garment that if used properly can Stylize our figure in a spectacular way, but that if used incorrectly can damage figure from the very same Gisele Bundchen. So you’re that come… Read more →