All Combinations of Colors with The That Mix The Bordeaux (And Molar to Another Level)

The Burgundy is undoubtedly one of the Kings of the season. Along with black, it has become a key pillar of our closet and there is no street style that does not include any garment or accessory in this tone. How to combine? Some mixtures are simple, but others may be somewhat more risky. If you want to play with all the cards in his hand and achieve a top look, you should then check all combinations with the Bordeaux color And become an expert by blending colors!

Camel + Bordeaux

A pair of colors that always wins is formed by Earth tone, camel, and the Bordeaux. Simple, easy to balance with different clothes and accessories, and above all, different.

White + Bordeaux

Perhaps one of the simplest mix, the White supports all kinds of shades as a dance partner, so adding items in Bordeaux is not any challenge. Although, function works perfectly.

Black + Bordeaux

I could not miss this selection. The omnipresent Black It also makes an exceptional partnership with the Bordeaux, but like white, risky and innovative, it is not. However, is one of the most used mix for party looks.

Denim + Bordeaux

Considering the denim as a hue, the Bordeaux It is perhaps one of its best allies in this winter. Would you dare with monkey cowboy and garments and accessories in Bordeaux mixture?

Blue + Bordeaux

Complicated to defend without a doubt is the combination of light blue and Burgundy. However, Kristina Bazan blog Kayture has achieved the perfect balance between both colors. Try this mix!

Grey ice + Bordeaux

One of our favorites is the combination of the call “grey ice”, halfway between the grey and white, and Bordeaux. When it comes to perform mixes with the Bordeaux as a central axis, play with the neutral colors is a success.

Navy + Bordeaux

Little exploited but very accurate is the mix between the Navy Blue or navy and Bordeaux. Perfect for any occasion, this mix of colors well can let us dazzle at a special dinner or set a Office 10 look, all with adequate, of course clothes.

Grey + Bordeaux

The last mix but perhaps one of our favourites is formed by the grey and Bordeaux. An exceptional couple that has nothing to envy to the composed of black or white.

And you How do you combine the Bordeaux?