All The Pictures of Blake Lively for Vogue

Yesterday we saw only an appetizer: now comes the the full report that already can be found in the the American edition of Vogue February issue. The truth is that for a long time that a home not rising so much expepectacion, because Yes, Jennifer Aniston and his statements about Angelina Jolie, was controversial, and Anne Hathaway, anecdotal (by the way, remind me that I speak the real Assistant of Wintour), but Blake Lively, It has not done more to arouse admiration.

Up to its French competitor becomes echo it, and both websites as amateurs, as professional media blogs, agree that if, Wintour has pulled back of actress, but has successful, because the image that is displayed for Lively is the most enigmaticamente glamorous that lately has been.

I don’t know what has this girl, but I’m having to do with that within what is, is quite natural, though the gossip say that it is operated; and is that in spite of the artificial world that recreates Gossip Girl, Blake, transmits an image close and friendly, and its transformation in vamp actress, is impeccable. And after this, forgive him until his misstep at the Golden Globes…

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