Beyonce Knowles in The Magazine’s December Cover V

Singer does not stop, again we have it in the soup for his promotion to try to improve an image that has lately been somewhat weakened by herself, due to its impossible to tacky estiismo. The famous use their image and that means that it should be at all sites and in the best, looking as stylists send; fact seen very well in the new home of the V magazine.

This publication has settled as one of the best for a long time, with the covers and editorials riskier simultaneously than art; proof of this is that we saw from with Gisele Bundchen imposing. In this case count with Beyonce Knowles to illustrate its December issue, it is a big mistake, because it has, nor has the class that a magazine like this tries to associate.

That Yes, that photographer has done very well his work, to Bruce Weber It is one of the greats, but nobody believes is the cover when she sees it. I at least, when I think of the American singer, only think of bad taste.

Update: Thanks to Carla, corrected the slip with W Magazine.