Fashion Trembles, Courtney Love Cover of Elle UK in January

Well, now, everything is seen. If surprised someone cover and the corresponding editorial which Vogue USA dedicated to Jennifer Aniston so it contase its Dirty rags to the Jolie-Pitt couple, the next Elle UK then you will appear in another world. Because if there was someone who would not have to appear on a cover of a magazine of current fashion that never was: Courtney Love.

The widow of Kurt Cobain It is known for its anti style, by its low taste when combining clothes, or directly, by his zero taste for fashion. Even so, the British edition of Elle gives an editorial and its cover, have had to take place for this?

I have not found any concrete reason, but by coincidence that January 1, the “ artist ” British released their second album and that will be attached to certain promotion, as in this case represents the magazine. But why a publication with both prestige and Elle UK rebate Act of Blaster simply? Why Court is given to an artist like Love to criticize and speak (again) on his marriage and his daughter?

So you will not get anything. Bread today, hunger tomorrow. Rather than as a platform for promoting fashion magazines for the artists. Where are the models that once made, as it is normal for this type of publications?