Jennifer Aniston on The December Cover of Vogue USA

The crisis is something that is affecting all aspects of society and fashion is noticing. Vogue in Spain he has already noticed these factors with the number we saw in October, but on the other hand, the edition of Paris is at its best even with controversy. Now, the U.S. Edition you feel these factors, something that is quite concerned again.

And all this comes for the next cover that Vogue be published in one of the largest markets today, let alone the larger, as it is the of United States. It has factors that speak of a latent weakness, not only in the election, with Jennifer Aniston as the protagonist, but chosen for the cover headlines, among which highlights your own pink world: “ what Angelina did was very ugly ” (the original Word was “ uncool ”).

What is the reason so that an issue as important as the U.S. falls in the broken theme of Jolie against Aniston? The goal is to sell the highest number of magazines but if Vogue rebate to this, what more remains to be seen?