Monica Bellucci on The December Cover of Vogue Spain

Finally new Vogue Spain takes up the good habit, fashion finally ceases to have headlines about the crisis, on cheaper clothes, and talks about the new designers, about current trends and with a woman on the cover. Monica Bellucci is the best, with its own style, with an age that doesn’t like.

The image of December leads to the Italian with the animal print Leopard both being on the catwalks but that never manages to convince on the street. Personally, it is the last thing they would recommend to anyone, but if Gucci joins him, it is normal that it impose as fashion.

The following month’s issue involves talk of the Christmas, the prom and how go dressed. Hence the gowns are the main of the publishers or that jacket Tuxedo is analyzed. Anecdotally: the story they devote to Pau Gasol.