Naomi Campbell for Vogue China

I love it the Campbell, because it travels from region without problem and it remains one of the most beautiful women in the world despite his bad character and all of their other rolls. This week he has fun as nice either being a King magician with a coat that reminds me to Cruela D ’ Vil of the 101 Dalmatians or embodying an African Queen for the cover of Vogue.

In it the Campbell appears with a suit of Louis Vuitton part of the collection Spring-Summer 2009 I saw presented recently in Paris.

Madonna It may be the image of the signature for the season, but I think that this type of style comes Pearl into ebony beauty. Personally she thought that the collection was to be the most wearable of the world, suffice it to see Madonna with green dress that looked like a castaway costume or something, but Naomi Dodge styling with its long legs very well.