Snow Storm Becomes The Street Style of NYFW a Risk Sport

Twice a year the best comes Street style of the Big Apple, the most colorful and daring of all the Fashion Weeks. Impossible blends, most cool brands and trends that have not been invented carried the real parade streets. This edition comes with an additive: the great snowstorm of New York. This is how the it girls face at low temperatures and more slippery sidewalks. Style below zero!

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Snow also wanted to miss the beginning of fashion week in New York and filled the streets of the city, making complicated to navigate them (and much more in heels, like the fashionable us customary). However, a fashionista is it under any circumstances, and these girls showed that they have style it shine, rain or, in this case, snow.

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Hair wraps were Favorites of the day, the more oversized fat better. Have also seen much beanie wool for heat ideas, boots well sheltered and pants.

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However, there has been the daring any who dared with skirts and even teach some piece of skin. Is really the legend that says that the trendsetters not it affected by temperature? Or is it rather that to brag about there to suffer?

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