The Stockings Underarms Promise to Become in The Next Trend (Viral?)

No, but I do not believe it you, This trend It is gradually taking more force – as if it were an avalanche – does not come from hand Demna Gvasalia (Balenciaga or Vetements). Maria Grazia Chiuri It is the culprit of this move thanks to his first Dior hand collection where underwear looms above the waistband of the pants. Although the street has adopted its own trend showing fishnets. Increasingly the modern ones that try luck in her daily outfits.

Dior, the origin of everything

The collection of Dior spring-summer 2017 is making too much noise and not only by the feminist message t-shirt (and count which is much more behind his words). Tulle, see-through and lingerie have a role, but for many years the fishnets are a symbol of the maison. John Galliano was among the first to use them and since then their designs are a benchmark.

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The street and the strange fan phenomenon

A strange phenomenon fan is watching these days on the streets of half planet. This type of socks have been merged in the style of many street stylers that already look this garment at all times. But far from decorating the legs, the real objective is to appear above the waist. An effect somewhat strange that it is liking to many (and thus we see it daily).

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Kristina Bazan, an absolute fan

The protagonist of Kayture loves to wear stockings in this way and thus we see it almost every day in the looks that teaches us in .

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Trendsetter, is this his mutation?

But if you are one of those that always want to go a step ahead and mark the difference, try your luck with what we believe that its mutation going to aser: long sleeve tops transparent with a fabric of network as the stockings. Do you dare?

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