Victoria Beckham Cover of November in Vogue India

If I don’t see it, I don’t think so. Get up and watch the new edition of Indian Vogue It is less surprising. At first until I believed that there was an error, which was a fake or a simple mounting kit. But no, the protagonist on the cover (and consequent editorial inside) is none other than the very Victoria Beckham. Amazing?

At a first glance does not seem to the British, the photoshop It is a tool that you are doing hands to magazine publishers. Really think a cover like this is credible in it? Victoria Beckham It looks as if it were a cyborg?

I could picture it in any magazine in the world but the Indian edition of Vogue was the last one in my mind. Is it to remove the bad taste in the mouth after the story of poverty? Or is it simply to see how looks the coldest British history with the impeccable tradition of the area? The suits have a magnificent colorful, she tries to take them as you can.

We will watch the rest of the editorial, it is sure that it is very anticipated by many.