Vogue Paris and His Particular Conception of Fashion in December

The risk in fashion is so necessary that we could say that it is a synonym of the great names in this world. Carine Roitfeld It is one of the indispensable to conceive how is fashion in the 21st century, and much of their work has made her as Chief Editor of Vogue Paris, where he has served their particular cross, including controversies and a wise choice of marketing subject to fashion and not vice versa, as in the United States it is being.

In December the move again surprising. When all the magazines are busy to devote editorials more colourful and attractive to the special Christmas, in Paris an ordago released to the world of fashion and dedicated the cover to the Princess Stephanie of Monaco (who already has played the number of Paris other times).

But not happy with it, Roitfeld committed to sobriety, commitment to a development and a structure greyish and sad without any ostentation, the tilted protagonist, without showing the face and appearance as avatida. Some hint to Christmas? Neither one.

Fashion is in a cyclical moment, nobody denies it, with the tops of the 90s again starring in the most prestigious campaigns or also very popular faces Allied firms, something usual in tough times of sales, but December is a crucial number for a magazine, beyond that revision or commented cyclic time.

A move that is impeccable, nothing of how holders made with cheaper look, nothing more absurd gifts, only fashion and linked to this: a particular conception art. Large, Carine Roitfeld.