Vogue Paris Nude Models for an Editorial about Bags

Controversy, This is what we all want. Controversial to talk about us and to demos return to the world with a single image. The ideals of classicism and the good image makes time who are exiled from any business philosophy of the publishing scene. It became Vogue India and its peculiar portrait of poverty and also happened to own French Edition a few months ago.

Seems to be a Carine Roitfeld, the editor of the magazine in France and guru among the gurus, going to the March, and back has very clever marketing people to sell a legendary publication. Vogue Paris don’t need no promotion to be sold alone, but in certain times of crisis, never hurt an aid and prevent is only seeing the images on the Internet.

The controversy of November comes with an editorial in which all the models come out fully nude promoting a series of XXL bags that it hogging all the limelight. But it is so? Are the bags the maximum attraction of this editorial? Or are the naked women that focus your attention?

For me the question is obvious: women are giving relevance to an editorial that otherwise would become line always, seen and forgotten for many and praised by a few. But by placing all the naked models, the editorial goes beyond the usual barrier and becomes part of the global controversy, in particular, by the use of women as object.

I think a mistake how in recent months (and years) fashion publications are betting on this field and stripping the woman when it is on the contrary what one expects to see the magazine. If we talk about fashion, where found in a naked body. If we are talking about an editorial of handbags, what benefit does teach a bag with a woman without clothes? Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to see how combinaríamos those XXL bags?

Apparently not here interested to Vogue Paris and is made with the great photographer services Mikael Jansson for entering the field of art with an editorial. I imagine that this will be your justification for having done this maneuver, because but not understood anywhere; In addition, we will be in November when it is published, and the climate and situation where the models are represented evokes summer.

A fashion magazine must look for the artistic component, that there is no doubt, but it must never trivialise the body of a woman at the service of some interest (in this case, business) and even less to generate simple controversy.

This play of Vogue remembers the last of Tom Ford brought so much controversy and therefore, hundreds of reviews. We will see if in this case repeated accusations (although the style and class of the first magnificent front of this example).

And in case outside little, the Paris edition of Vogue comes with a dedicated report to Paris Hilton (by Mario Testino), the antimito of fashion. Is the money more important than the prestige of a magazine?