Essentials for the Spring Wardrobe – Summer Pregnant Women

Without wanting to emulate fellow of Jezebel, fashion is a subject that excites me and I dare to give advice to moms this summer will look pancita.

Sincerely I do not like the typical maternity clothes; I prefer to use large garments, but recently we’ve had the good news of the new collection of clothes for pregnant women of Zara, which does not have the typical panzones outfits, on the other hand if the necessary basics according to

Of course that being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to completely renew the wardrobe.

But yes I think there is some essential apparel that you are a “must have” this spring-summer season that can not miss in the wardrobe of a MOM.

  • A dress: smooth or stamped, informal but elegant a light fabric. It can be crossed, so next year also will be able to use it without tummy.
  • A pirate cowboy: you can not miss, in Zara sell it. It has elastic in the waist but a modern cut that enhances the figure and not the typical model of pregnant which makes a horrible back.
  • Dress pants: with one black be right safe. It can be short, even Bermuda to be used much, or long ankle.
  • A skirt: my favorite are the cowgirls, but can be that have elastic in the waist, a couple of sizes larger. And if you dare, there as a good mini. You are pregnant does not mean that you can not look legs.
  • T-shirts: essential to complement both the Cowboys, as the trouser and skirt. This season there are wonderful models with cuts below the chest, ideal for belly. Buy them a size larger than usual.
  • Finally, the swimwear. You can not scupper your look of modern MOM with a bathing suit pregnant with bows that looks like Grandma. You can see my recommendations about bathing suits last year.