Harper’s Bazaar Launches Its Argentina Edition

The fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar is in luck, and is that yesterday released its first issue in argentina version. Ana Torrejon (Director) and Claudia Pasquini (general editor) will be responsible to take the magazine to the top in this country.

With over one century of history, the Argentine version of Harper ’ s Bazaar was founded with the purpose of compete with other major publications such as Vogue or Elle. For such an event, the new publication has resorted to the model Naomi Preizler appearing in the foreground. Simple, classic, but divine. So we could define this first edition where the nuclear white Queen in her.

Harper’s Bazaar Argentina knows that the 2.0 communication It is very important today, so that you already have page of Facebook y Twitter (@bazaarargentina) with more than 400 followers (in a single day). It does something more than one year that the Spanish version, under the orders of Melania Pan, It came to light and since then we have only seen large covers and divine publishers. From Jezebel We wish you all the luck in the world and look forward to seeing front pages that become a classic.