Looks Street Style in The Paris Autumn-Winter 2010 Fashion Week / 2011

A season closes the curtain of the fashion weeks and the point and end the most emblematic of all of them put it: the of Paris. There the houses of fashion with more weight and history and the most recent fashionistas congregate. Anonymous, editors, models, celebrities and it girls. All of them with a common denominator: the style innate. Or acquired. That live in Paris or go there even if it is a few hours makes you change the chip up to the most deeply rooted of the flat.

Who needs since entering the parades when you greatest show is in the? streets?

Chloe talking about spin campaign trousers. Last summer tried to and it not gelled, but it seems that on Parisian soil trend is becoming more notable.

As of the Synthetic hair Karl Lagerfeld and his ironic exercise on global warming, is not something that he has been invented by himself.

On the street some time it is felt.

The same thing with layers (this by the way Zara). Are and remain underway.

Chloe original already this other girl takes her (anda, but if it is Alix de thecherryblossomgirl).

As well as Miroslava (Mikheeva-Duma)

Or the towering high monkeys: the trend is always (first) out.

Another TIC that has triumphed in the street against all odds has been the White as the color of winter. And Yes, the girl on the left and the right are the same (also is the zara coat). Louis Ebel is called and is the author of the blog misspandora (do by what the French bloggers arrives you to buy shoes such as these from Miu Miu?).

¿Women with style in Paris? Yes, thanks. Especially if it’s Christine Centenera, Sarah Rutson or Taylor Tomasi.

Although welcome are always the anonymous extraordinary combinations.

To see more snapshots of Paris already you know by where you have to pass. By Tatel blog: Trendycrew.

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