3 Facts About Sandals

Sandals is one of the most comfortable shoes that we commonly use. Here are some interesting facts about the sandals that you would like to know.

The origin of the Sandals

The sandals were used for the first time by the ancient Egyptians, were made of papyrus and palm leaves. The Egyptians sometimes drew the faces of their rivals in sandals so that they could satisfy their ego by standing on them. The Queens of Egypt wore jewelry adorned sandals.

The Greeks created different kinds of sandals and transformed them into art shoes. Sandals that sold were a symbol of wealth and not everyone could afford them, while higher up were the straps of sandals, more wealth and prosperity possessed.

Sandals in space

It is correct, NASA sent into space a pair of Orthopedic sandals, called Forceshoe. Astronauts on the international space station, have the constant need to exercise to stay healthy to experience muscle weakness and loss of bone density in long-duration space flights. Forceshoe Sandals helps the development of programs of exercises requiring the astronauts to their health.

Flip-flops of antiquity

The slippers have been documented since the stone age with the discovery of cave paintings in caves where people are represented using similar to the flip flops sandals. These were made of rubber, wood and hemp.