3 Outfits to Combine Your Metallic Shoes

How mentioned previously, one of the trends in stronger color for shoes this year are the metallic tones, especially gold.

This color will be the protagonist of many dressers and we’ll see in the material of your shoes and accessories as zippers or buckles.

If you do not know how to combine this color, check out the options then suggest what is going more your style?

Skirt and floral blazer

Another trend we’ll see this season are the floral prints. Although you will not see very colorful tones, we will see stamped on very warm, a little off. Nothing better to complement these looks with your metal shoes.

White dresses

The white also comes with force this season. While it is related entirely to spring, this season you can look very young and fresh with a white dress. The best way to complement it with a pair of shoes in color is gold and accessories in the same tone.

The baggy jeans

The baggy jeans are a type of very relaxed pants. If you are looking for a casual look, you can combine them with a pair of metallic shoes perfectly. Always opt for jeans in blue tones and counters with a basic top.