3 Secrets for Perfectly Polished Shoes

From school we were taught to keep our clean and polished dress shoes, today this rule is still with us; but now nobody is going to punish for bringing dirty shoes, but surely they won’t have a good opinion of you and that account as punishment to many of us.

Whether it is a wedding, a graduation ceremony or just another day at the office; a pair of perfectly polished shoes will establish your personality as a man who knows how to take care of yourself and have a powerful impression on others.

A routine of a suitable polishing will not only make your shoes look good, they also keep them hydrated, adding additional years to the life of your shoes. Be able to Polish your shoes will not you win a prize, but insurance will have a good ability to keep neat your wardrobe. The following tips will make you to perfect your routine polishing without any effort.

Remove dust before polishing

Never apply cream to direct Polish shoes, first remove the dust and dirt from the surface with a dry cloth or a brush for shoes; use a damp cloth to remove sticky dirt from your shoes. Let the shoes to dry completely before proceeding.

Use conditioner and wax for footwear

Yes, these two products have an important role to produce a glassy appearance. Making circular movements, first applied the conditioner and then a bit of shoe wax. The use of these two products not only will give you a brightness suitable footwear but also helping in coverage of wear and protect the material of the shoe.

Use of horse hair brush

It is very important that you use a horsehair brush to Polish your shoes. The soft bristles spread cream evenly in all areas without any chance of scratches or grouping in one area.