4 Inevitable Shoes for This Summer

Hello! We started the 2016, which as passed? I hope and they are enjoying the summer the weekends or weekdays from Sun. How cool is this time of year, people are more good vibe, you see much color through the streets, I love.

To start with my post summer 2016, we decided to do a ranking of shoes that can not miss you this season; the order does not affect anything, but these 4 types of shoes are those that must consider for these times heat, lunches and parties on beaches or swimming pools and days a little more relaxing. Some shoes can clearly use them year-round, but is this season where we can give you a better use and more prominence, since by wearing less layers of clothes and shorts, shoes play an important role; It will be the focus of attention in our outfits according to INCREDIBLEFLASHLIGHT.COM.

Here my 4 inevitable summer shoes:


These shoes for summer are quite elegant and classical, are used since many years ago, from the American Indian ancient who cooked them until today. Moccasins automatically transform your look, giving you a more elegant style to your summer trips; perfect for a meeting in the evening, go to a bar and get comfort up to go dancing at a nightclub.

If the choice is with pants, then simply constricting hem to the ankle, or if you’re more risky dare to use them a little further up you will be great!

#HOTtip: always uses the loafers with socks that are not, for this type of footwear or use them without socks.

Handle shirt
Short Aeropostale
Basement loafers


Espadrilles are my shoes favorites for this summer 2016 season, go with everything, clothes, jeans, fabric, etc.; You can use them on the beach, in the city and really always be well and comfortable. This type of footwear is taking enough prominence not only beaches, but also with a little more casual looks, like this.

#HOTtip: combines your blue espadrilles with brown tones up, will give you that balance of perfect color to your outfit.

Handle shirt
Pants Basement
Aldo espadrilles

Striper Sneakers

Lover of the roadtrips? Walks along the beach and explore; These slippers are great for you then, give you a fairly urban style and are very comfortable for summer heat because they are quite fresh and fabric.

#HOTtip: combines your striper sneakers with shorts above the knee or skinny jeans to make your look more urban style.

Total look Denimlab
Sneakers Sperry


While the Oxford Shoes throughout the year, I decided to them include because models like those who took jobs give us feeling of freshness and bring enough elegance to the look. Then look for a few oxfords with soles of colors, white, red, blue, etc.; it risks with this type of soles with a little color and let the summer. As you know one of the colors of the season it is blue, my favorite; so in this look, a total blue with some Brown oxfords are great.

#HOTtip: tries to break the blocks of color in your outfits with shoes in completely different tones.

Total look handle
Basement shoes

These were for me, 4 shoes that should not miss you this summer; You can make different combinations and you can use them to many opportunities. Look at this post from inevitable shorts that will help you enhance your look. Identifies your favorite and tell me what is.

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