5 Favorites From Orlebar Brown

Orlebar Brown has a relatively short time has become an obvious choice for the style conscious men on the beach. They have, in my opinion, took a similar position in swimwear as Common Projects has in sneakers. Clean lines, high quality and luxury without logos.

Orlebar Brown is primarily known for their swimwear. A product that is a little different to many of the competitors when they chose to invest in a design that reminds a lot of tailored trousers. We see, for example, so-called side adjusters  instead of elastic waist which gives a little more dressy impression.

Orlebar Brown is much more than just swimwear. It has even been spearheaded by the trend that we think was the greatest during the summer Pitti Uomo trade show: polo shirt!

It is not necessarily the most classic polo are alá Lacoste and Ralph Lauren, but rather models inspired from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Preferably with so-called Bowling Collar or terry.

We have selected our five favorites from the company’s current collection.