5 of the Best Alarm Clock Apps and Watch for Android

All Android devices already have natively a clock and alarm clock that work perfectly well.

That’s why several people do not even consider downloading similar apps.However, if you are looking for clocks or alarm clocks that offer more customization options and extra features, there are some very interesting apps that can be downloaded to make the device more sophisticated.So here we go:

1 – Gentle Alarm

Maybe this is one of the most interesting alarm apps.However, it is not free.You can download the free version to test it, however you should get $ 6.84 if you want to use it every day.It has many cool features: one of the most striking aspects is the possibility of setting a subtle alarm clock to wake you progressively.

The sound of the alarm is not so loud, just enough for you to wake up.Likewise, the vibration of the apparatus is also progressive and subtle.The app also offers a big, eye-catching button for those who wear glasses do not get lost by turning it off.Another interesting question is checking the app to see if you are really awake, since you have to enter a code for the alarm to stop (if so you program).

You can also define different visual aspects, such as fonts, colors, background images, and interface types.Download the application here .

2 – Clock

The Clock (or Clock) is an application of Google itself in charge of being an alternative alarm clock for the smartphone, in addition to offering other functions such as stopwatch and progressive meter.With a look consistent with Material Design and its latest versions, the look of the app is quite simple and elegant.One of the highlights is the integration with Google Now and compatibility with Android Watch.Download the application here .

3 – Timely

The Timely interface is beautiful and quite customizable (though it does not offer as many options as Gentle Alarm).With an elegant look and full of smart features, you can choose three styles of watch in more than 20 different colors.The application has a timer and a complete timer, allowing the creation of numerous alarms.

Almost all functions are performed by gesture commands, eliminating the use of buttons.The app also offers the so-called Smart Rise, a smart alarm clock that will wake you up 30 minutes ahead of schedule with soft tunes and wake-up lighting, just so you do not wake up with a fright and screaming smartphone.If you wish, you can also set some challenges that must be completed in order for the app to stop playing, ensuring that you are 100% agreed upon.Download the application here .

4 – Alarm Droid

Alarm Droid is visually simpler than the apps we’ve listed, but it also has cool features.With it, you can check the weather forecast soon after waking up (something great to know in the morning before leaving the house), set up snooze alarms with different durations, and configure the radio stations as alarm clocks if you want to wake up at the rhythm of day.The design of the interface is not the most beautiful of all, but the Alarm Droid does all its functions efficiently.Download the application here .

5 – Alarm Clock Xtreme

After many updates, the Alarm Clock Xtreme is brand new and is one of the cool apps on the list.It offers small challenges, such as simple calculations, for you to do soon after waking up to wake up for real and not turn off your cell phone after unlocking it.Also, it is also allowed to wake up with increasing sounds so you will not be awakened abruptly.

If you wish, you can select songs from your smartphone to wake up instead of being awakened by the sounds of the app.A timer and a timer are also included.Download the application here.