5 Student Costumes for 5000 kr.

We are in the midst of student times in Sweden and for many it is the first real introduction to the suit. In today’s article I thought to give specific tips on costumes that might fit well the moment as your wallet and what you should consider when investing in a student suit.

First and foremost, I want to mention that today’s text will seem a little contradictory to much of what we normally stands for. We advocate consistently a long term mindset where you buy things that will keep both qualitatively and stylistically over time and hopefully become a natural part of the closet. This usually means that we recommend a little more expensive purchases that will hopefully pay off over time.

When it comes to student suit, there are a few aspects that unfortunately hampers this mindset. Of course we will still be concerned about good fit and have the ambition to wear the garment after graduation.

However, there is an alarmingly large percentage of men who can attest to student suit day after being relegated to the back of the closet and then stay there.

The reason for this is because according to me on two things:

  1. Students are too numerous to say the least euphoric days that tend to be more about joy and celebration than the care of his attire. This I can understand fully. Unfortunately, however, more than was required with turning Proseccon out of their costumes after someone companion become over-excited when the song “Champagne Showers” speladas at full volume on the student platform. What I’m getting at is that although it is dry you will hear a quality suit in full canvas of +10,000 SEK not belong on a champagne soaked studentflak…
  2. Although it is a well-behaved young man and actually keeps the suit in reasonably good condition to the end of the evening there next problem. Investing in a better quality costume is very much about finding something that suits your personal taste and have the opportunity to feel interesting for several years. Even if fully grown lengthwise, I myself can attest to the body can be changed quite a lot in the few years after graduation. While personal taste tends to develop further when it comes to tailoring fashion. What are the details, colors and cuts to thrive in the sometimes require a few years of evaluation.

In sum: Opt for an affordable baskostym for the student and wait a few years with a more costly history. With that said, it can still be a great idea to bring the suit to a change tailors for less corrections that often make a huge difference to the whole.

We have selected five costumes for 5000 kr all suited to the student.