5 Ways To Wear Plaid Blazer

We are already on Wednesday, and the long weekend that we have is approaching. What plans do you have for this bridge? I’m going to spend a few days in Pamplona. We have many photo shoots scheduled that I will tell you about.

Today we are talking about chanel style plaid blazer. A simple garment can make us look different. Let’s look at 5 ways to wear a plaid blazer.

The blazers are a very popular garment and can help us give that more formal touch to a style if the occasion deserves it. With this type of clothing, we can get a look more or less serious depending on other garments you choose.

A printed blazer, especially if it is of paintings, has a more classic and formal appearance. But we can change that vision with the following tips that we have elaborated.

Classic But Casual Look With Your Plaid Blazer

To break the classic part of a plaid blazer and give it an informal air, we must opt ​​for a plaid jacket with thin lines, and a mixture of dark colors with more cheerful and lively, for example, blue, yellow or red.

To complete the  look, a shirt in the same tone as the colored stripes of the jacket and with the neck in contrast, is the perfect choice.

Look Preppy With A Plaid Blazer

If what we want is to get a  preppy look, the option is to choose a blazer with elbows in gray or blue tones along with jeans or white Chinese style pants. The rest of the outfit should be simple and basic, with a smooth shirt that we advise you leave unbuttoned at the top to continue with that informal tone.

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Casual Look With A Plaid Blazer

The  casual look can be the most casual and sporty of what we teach you. To get a   perfectoutfit , you should choose to combine it with jeans or pants wrapped around the bottom, a T-shirt and slippers. It is important not to recharge the style with many colors, if we match some of the colors of the pictures of the blazer with the shirt, much better.

Look Sophisticated With Plaid Blazer

A blazer with double button and a smooth shirt are the appropriate bet to get this type of look. If we want to take it seriously and give it a more youthful touch, we can choose ankle pants that leave the ankle in the air and you can see the whole shoe.

Rebel Look With Plaid Blazer

For an informal and rebellious look , it is best to choose a  blazer with a different and striking color(this does not mean that it has to be in fluorine or neon tone). To continue with the youthful touch, we advise you to combine it with worn jeans and a basic shirt, if it may be, the same color as the stripes that make up the jacket pictures.

With which of the five styles do you stay? How do you like to wear a plaid blazer?

I leave you with the photos that made me a very special person, my little cousin<3