6 Tips to Spend Less on Shoes

Shoes are the fashion items that women generally like the most. Passing in front of a shoe store window is a torture in those days when the budget is tight. But to help you suffer less when it comes to buying shoes, we suggest 6 tips that you can bring to your life and adapt to your reality, check it out.

6 Tips to Spend Less on Shoes

1 – Check everything you’ve already got

Before you go out shopping for new shoes, look at everything you have and make a list of what you have in the closet. From this list you can see what it is that you already have enough, what you need and what you no longer use or it is spoiled. Here are some shoes that every woman should have and make sure they are all part of her personal collection.

Also consider that what is needed for some or most may not be the same as what is necessary for you. For example, those who do not wear a heel will have a much shorter list of what they need to have in relation to their shoe models. So, check your habits and analyze what you really need to have.

2 – Caution with promotions

Often when walking through the shops and streets where there are several footwear stores, we come across extremely tempting promotions. However, be careful not to end up buying shoes that you do not need, shoes that do not suit your style or even shoes that will go out of style soon. In that sense, we reaffirm the need to be conscious about what you have in the closet so you do not over-buy and then regret it.

3 – Search prices

We started by giving an example of how you can bring this tip to your life. A joker shoe that every woman should have is the black sneaker, it matches everything and is neutral, it can be used to compose different styles. However, its prices can vary between $ 50 to $ 300 Reais. So, check the prices at your preferred stores and choose the one that most suits your budget available to spend on shoes .

4 – Check product quality

When it comes to shoes, it is often best to invest in a better product even if it is more expensive because it will likely have longer lifespan. This tip is valid for those who do not change their shoes very much. If you like to be always buying new ones, varying and using shoes a few times, you can opt for cheaper and lower quality models. However, it is worth mentioning that there are stores that offer affordable models of good quality, so, research before saying yes to the shoe chosen.

5 – Buy out of season or previous collections

Another option to spend less on buying a new shoe is to choose the models from the previous collection, or to buy winter models during the summer and vice versa. This practice is very common and can yield you considerable savings. If you do not mind wearing shoes that are not from the current collection, you can bet on this tactic to save money.

6 – Take good care of your shoes

In addition to saving time at the time of purchase you can also take care to increase the durability of your shoes and thus need to buy new shoes less often.

Always keep your shoes sanitized by cleaning them after use – before storing. Try to leave the shoes stored in small bags to store shoe or wrapped in a soft fabric. If you are to leave them stored for a long time, put some newspaper inside the footwear to avoid the accumulation of moisture. These care will help keep your shoes in good condition .

If you, besides saving, also like to be supportive, clean up your collection and donate shoes that you no longer use and are in good condition. So, in addition to getting a little more space for new parts, you will be doing good to anyone who needs it.