7 Tricks to Do Well in Photos

Do you hate being photographed? Or are you the one who loves to go out in the photos but can not see you well at any?

7 Tricks to Do Well in Photos

You never knowwhat face to put on? If so, calm down, read on because today in demodaybelleza we give you the 7 best tricks to look good in the photos.

Surely thanks to these tricks to look good in the photos, from now on you will stop being uncomfortable in front of the camera to release you and eat the world.

Sometimes we associate to be beautiful to bephotogenic. And it is not like that. There are people who are beautiful and unfortunately in the photos look ugly, because they do not know how to turn out well. However, there are people who are nothing to be out of the other world to look like supermodels in the photos. Surely you know many people that you know are not beautiful and yet you hallucinate every time you see pictures of them. Before this, can only say that, so unjust is life.

But calm, because today in demodaybelleza you will learn the tricks to go well in the photos that you need to shine.

7 Tricks to Do Well in Photos

#1 Smile Not Laugh

One of the tricks to look good in the photos is to smile. Avoid excessive laughing as this will highlight all your shortcomings and on the contrary keeping you completely serious can make you look like you have a few more years.Look for the point where you smile without laughing.

#2 The Perfect Position

Removing the models, one of the tricks to do well in the photos is to avoid taking photoscompletely head on because it is very unflattering!

This is one of the tricks to succeed in the photosnever fails. That’s why the position you have in front of the camera is very important. You should put yourself in profile , but notcompletely, but more or less three quarters towards the camera.

Be careful with taking humps. Often because of the shyness, we tend to shrink and this gives the impression of looking chepo. So the first thing, calm down, stretch yourself, put your shouldersback and pull a dick the culete.

Positioning slightly sideways helps. However it is important to take photos and study our angles. Learning what makes us go wrong is very helpful in correcting it.

#3 Watch Out for the Chin

Avoiding double chin is one of the tricks to get off on the photos that everyone wants to know.Do you also think that if you raise your chin itwill look like you do not have a double chin?

In general we tend to raise our chin to avoid it, but this is a mistake . One of the best tricks to do well in the photos is just the opposite: Push your chin forward as if you were a turtle and lower your chin .

You laugh? Many of the girls and boys I photograph for demodaybelleza, too. It seems ironic to have to overtake the chin, but so we get the objective, avoid the double chin.

It’s as if you look at someone over your shoulderbut not bad. This is undoubtedly one of thetricks to succeed in the photos that many photographers share.

#4 Squinching

Do you know squinching? Well from now on this will be one of your favorite words when talking about tricks to make good in the photos.

It consists of closing your eyes a little, flattening them, to convey security. Open your eyes to themaximum it will make little look like a natural, and if you close your eyes a lot, look you’re angry with someone. It must be something very soft, to convey security. The bloggers love thesquinching and virtually all use such tricks to get good in photos. So you know, if you want to go out just as well with them, you can practice.

The trick is that you must concentrate theintensity in the eyes so that we do not look the lifeless and have a face of stunned. For that, you have to squint (squinch) which is one of thetricks to make good in the photos that every model knows.

Be careful, since between an intense and interesting look and a drowsy look there is a step too small, so watch and do not pass.

#5 Teeging

Do you know what teeging is? Well now you should know what it is, since this is also part of the tricks to go well in the photos that everyone should know. The teeging is to smile showing the top row of teeth. Do you think it can be agood shot if we always go teeging? Exact! You have to be careful with the teeging as it can become artificial.

#6 Do Not Overdo It

There are models that start to put on weird facesand change the gesture every second and they are great and divine of the death. But thoseimpossible poses, are not entirely natural and not at all we feel good putting strange faces. For this, and although it is one of the tricks to make good in the most heard photos in the world, it is the truth. More than anything because, without context, the photos with those impossible posesare ridiculous. Normality is undervalued!

#7 Hair Is Necessary

Although this is one of the tricks to go well in the photos more obvious, it is important tocomb. Many times we see the models disheveledand we think they have really gotten out of bed like this, but do not believe it. Every strand ofhair has been combed and placed exactly on purpose to make it look perfect. So if you want to look disheveled but not your neighbor’s crazy, you better put some hair on yourshoulders, a lock on the forehead and you can cup the rest of the hair to give some volume.