9 Errors in Using Bra

The BRA or bra is one of the biggest allies of women when it comes to offer comfort and support the breasts. There are different sizes, shapes and even different designs that have changed with the passage of time.
However, Although the amount of designs of bras on the market are on the rise, some women still use the BRA in a wrong way without even giving us account occasionally and what we can produce. Then you leave the 9 most common errors:

1.you are using a too tight bra

If you use a bra that is too tight, you will get damage your breasts and do not have adequate support.Affirm them does not crush them, but give them a proper comfort and allowing them some freedomthat can be properly developed.

2 you use a bra too old

Probably we all have our favorite bra and not want to get rid of it when it’s been quite some time. The life of a bra is approximately 8 months, but it will just depend on how and how often use your support.

3 using a cumbersome bra

Such tight support that lets you trade marks only causes discomfort or worse, sometimes we use it because it is the color that we need or because it is cute. Choose Bras that don’t make you think of the fierrito that is out of the Cup and damages your breasts.

4 you use the rear band too high

When the rear band of your bra is higher that the front then it means that the size is not adequate, since the band must never be more higher than the rest of the BRA, always at the same level.Only thus will give you adequate and firm stand.

5. you are using the incorrect size

It is the most frequent mistake. Or it is too tight or too loose. We always tend to use the size of BRA that does not go with us, because we only look at the Cup, and this is not as or the same size as the rear band.

6 you use inappropriate for each outfit bra

From the sporting to the normal, all fasteners are good in different outfits, therefore it is also important that you set yourself with what type of clothing is well each and is not see through clothes, unless a bralette.

7 you too use the push-up

You can use different types of support and not only push up if you have small breasts. Make you see more curvilinear, of course, butcan also highlight your image with a bralette.

8 use the BRA too many days in a row

All what we do, because we believe that if we don’t sweat the bra is still clean and can continue using, but not. Apart from hygiene, wear the same bra every day will make this loses its strength and begins to ruin. Elastics transferred and already do not give you that support that used to give you. Let it rest so it lasts longer and not ruined completely.

9. use only Sports Bras

Sports Bras can offer you the comfort and support you need to exercise daily. However, use them all day is not the best option, because some do not offer you the proper structure and simply flatten your breasts too. Try to alternate the type of BRA that you wear (and tries to make you feel them comfortable), because there is one for every moment

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