A Century Of Use: In Search Of The Perfect “Bra”

Hundreds of colours, fabrics and sizes; with or without bretel; beard or push up; Cup whole or half, with snap forward or back. All this must decide when we want to buy a bra, and may not always choose the best option. In fact, 69% of women does not use the correct size. And you?

What useful invented the BRA, BRA, BRA, Bustier or as you call it. It is true that many times we feel imprisoned by this garment and relax when we don’t use it, and perhaps for this reason some have been the banner of bra-less, as Rihanna. But we must recognize that they are indispensable for certain activities involving movement, and enhances our figure always, no matter the size of your bust.

Before 1907-year that was invented the BRA – women used the sublime corset, apart from enhancing the bust dwindled the waists. Of course, the consequence was to feel almost suffocated, and philosophers of the time, “dominated by men and society”. Then, with the emergence of the BRA, “disclaim” a little, although some feminists even protested at the end of the 1960s by burning their Bras, for show and no one should not accept oppression of nothing.
How was the so-called “bra”? Obviously at first wasn’t as sensitive as it is now; rather were two straps that hung from the shoulders, joined to the upper and lower corners of the garment and allowed wear necklines. A French designer gave way in 1907, but it was the New Yorker Mary Phelps Jacob who patented the idea in 1914, so I just turned 100 years old.
The models evolve decade after decade, through the famous Cup type foam cup, beaked tops – as those the renowned Jean Paul Gaultier – designed, or wide straps, to the much more delicate and sensual models that we enjoy today. In the story there are milestones that changed the way to use it, as the creation of different sizes of cups in the 1930s (Yes, previously standard), the arrival of the nylon in 1939, its adaptation to the sport in the 70s, the arrival of the Microfiber in the 90s, and intelligent clothing-such as the blessed push up-a little more than 10 years.

The best choice
Do you have clear how you choose your Bras? You’ll be using them that correspond to you according to the size of your bust and needs? This and other questions became the brand of lingerie Triumph, so it decided to conduct a study to 10,000 women from 8 countries distributed in all the continents, which proved that, usually, not choose the best option with respect to the support. According to the report from TheRightBras, 69% does not use the correct size of bra, 64% recognizes that the poor choice of underwear spoiled her day, 73% blasting her working hours, and 29% choose consciously evil the likes of his underwear, looking for a wrong target and increase or decrease the bust.
Another important fact is that they are carried out 3 million monthly searches on the net on how to choose the right bra. How much to spend? On average about $60,000 a year on lingerie, which shows little relevance you give, versus the nearly $300,000 that we spend on average on shoes during the year.
Andrea Contreras, head of marketing of Triumph, finds that there are women who choose it erroneously by ignorance and lack of expert advice. “They don’t know that your bust has changed over the years. “Many don’t even know the difference between Cup and contour, or what corresponds to the letter and the number that make up its size”, details.’\

Another important factor is the lack of motivation to prove oneself. “This implies entering the tester, taking out all the clothes and accepting the entry of an unknown to advise you.” The tester is really a subject, because it is the instance in which the woman faces her body with all the imperfections, other rolls, cellulite, etcetera, and all this in front of a mirror. “Something that many prefer to avoid,” he adds.

For the specialist, the most surprising thing is that a group chooses badly the carving consciously. That is, they buy a smaller size with the intention of wearing a more bulging neckline. And it also happens that they fall in love with a design that does not exist in their size, but the enchantment is such that they still acquire it because the illusion of feeling sensual in that bra is much more powerful. Does that sound familiar?

With regard to the election, gives us three clear tips:

1. To be advised by an expert in fit and measure, in order to know the true size of bra.

Identify the need: if it is a bra for day to day, parties, office, sport, etcetera.

Investing in a good and quality garment. The differences are staggering.

Various options

If we focus on the type or model we should use, it changes according to the occasion. Andrea Contreras explains that for the day to day is recommended a lightweight bra, breathable fabrics, that is able to accompany the woman in all their activities. When we go to study or the office suggests underwear that makes you feel safe from your body and in confidence with your look. And for parties, bras with multiposition straps and silicone bands are always a great alternative.

Technology continues to progress, and great innovations have been achieved. For example, specifically in this brand Dsestacan flexi-3d beards, light and high flexibility; The Ultra soft brooches, specially thought in those women who suffer with the rubbing of these, or the spacer Cup, ultra light with multiple layers inside, which generates greater elasticity and breathability.

Another brand that incorporated new technology is flowers, in order to continue to respond not only in the field of fashion, but also in terms of women’s health and safety. For this season, he proposes to achieve a perfect cleavage. The Invisible Chic line has invisible underwear – or “second skin”-; Extra bet Attraction for accentuate the most feminine sensuality and sophistication, with products of double push up for extra enhancement, in delicate lace and varied colors. They also highlight products with technology “Soft Tech”, as the breadwinners ‘one piece’ without demarcation, which thanks to its cutting laser seamless and his hidden bow, adhere like a second skin.
Another contribution is Maidenform with its latest innovation, the line Comfort Devotion, which uses sophisticated and luxurious soft Microfiber fabrics with a touch of cashmere, making each point of contact of the garment with the body so soft as to not feel it.
Valentina Ríos is a graphic designer by profession but full dedicated to famous lefreack.cl creative blogger and Fashion Stylist. A true reference is where trends are concerned, and their Instagram (lefreakeschic) has thousands of fans addicted to fashion. For her it’s a very important pledge, “because a good BRA, is paramount to make well look what we have since”, he says. What type of BRA you like? It prefers them without beard or Cup, thin fabrics or lace, and hopefully with a triangle.
It can be combined with clothing? “In all ways. Now the breadwinner is a detail that appears on necklines or t-shirts reduced to the sides. If you’re going to show, it has to be a cute bra of a colour which combines with what have been since. I think a little show is a nice detail, sometimes complements that carry and seems to be part of the top. A nice way of straps that will pop out is very flirtatious, also.”
What you should never do: “a bra with a little manly form, with a pattern that does not match so far since. Or with white and wide straps that overlook of dark t-shirts. “If it is to show the BRA, ideally a bra with cute details and finishes, that overreach a bit, never show it whole”.